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Chery Showrooms Open on Fridays

Chery Showrooms Open on FridaysChery Showrooms Open on Fridays

Chinese car company Chery announced it will open its showrooms on Fridays (the Iranian weekend) for the first time.

Chery and its sister company MVM have been gradually expanding their range of vehicles in the country and offering long-term payment packages for buyers, but their market share compared with local companies is still small.

According to a press release, the company announced that it would open extra hours and have further staff available for people who wish to buy cars over the weekend, an aspect of sales ignored until now.

A representative from Chery, upon request, noted that 50% of their showroom network is now open on the weekend, with 80% in metropolitan Tehran also offering the extra showroom time.

It’s not known if this is a wider trend in the local market, but historically showrooms have had no interest in opening on public holidays.

Until recently, the car scene in Iran has been a seller’s market, with the two major car producers making buyers wait several months before asking them to go through long procedures to collect the cars from the warehouses.