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SAIPA: Tiba, Pride Pricier Abroad

SAIPA: Tiba, Pride Pricier AbroadSAIPA: Tiba, Pride Pricier Abroad

SAIPA has announced the price at which Pride and Tiba are being sold in Iraq and Azerbaijan.

A Pride without airbags or a Euro-II engine, neither ABS brakes nor third-party insurance is sold for $8,300 in Iraq and nearly $6,000 in Azerbaijan.  

The same model should have airbags, a Euro-III engine and compulsory third-party insurance in Iran and is therefore costlier, ISNA quoted SAIPA’s sales deputy, Mohsen Javan, as saying.

Pride is sold for about 200 million rials in Iran ($5,720).

Previously, there were rumors that regional countries were getting the cars for cheaper.

According to Javan, 60 million rials of the final price do not go to the carmaker but is spent on insurance, value added tax and registration of number plates.

He noted that a Tiba, lacking features such as airbags and ABS brakes, is sold for $8,500 in Iraq and $7,200 in Azerbaijan. The same model comes with airbags, ABS brake and compulsory third-party insurance in Iran and is sold for 240 million rials ($6,850).

Javan explained that the price difference in Iraq and Azerbaijan is due to fees customers are obliged to pay for registering the number plates.  

The sales deputy said cars sold in Iran have more features compared to the ones that are exported.  

“Despite this, these cars are sold in Iran at lower prices compared to those charged overseas,” he said.

Javan noted that customers can compare the prices of cars sold in other markets by checking an Iraqi website that lists cars in that market.