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New MVM X33 Unveiled

New MVM X33 Unveiled New MVM X33 Unveiled

Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing unveiled its latest MVM X33 SUV in a ceremony on September 7.  The updated vehicle was unveiled at a showroom in east Tehran. Representatives from MVM and its Chinese partner Chery, which is developing its own brand in the Iranian market, attended the ceremony.    This is the third generation of MVM SUVs to be released in Iran with new headlights and upgraded parts, the local automotive website, Asre Khodro, reported.  Aside from the new red trims on the insides and a touchup on the front, improvements include an automatic seven-speed continuously variable transmission gearbox, eco-drive mode to save fuel and improved sound-proofing.  The new X33s will cost 748,890,000 rials ($21,396 at market exchange rate) while the price for a sport variant of the same car has been announced at 768,890,000 rials ($21,968).