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New Scheme for Replacing Dilapidated Taxis

New Scheme for Replacing Dilapidated TaxisNew Scheme for Replacing Dilapidated Taxis

Iran’s largest carmaker, Iran Khodro Company, has launched a scheme that will allow taxi drivers to receive new cars for scrapping dilapidated taxis, on the occasion of the National Government Week in Iran.

In line with plans to replace 90,000 dilapidated taxis, the Management and Planning Organization of Iran has tasked IKCO to provide a large part of the new cars needed for the taxi fleet, local automotive news website Asre Khodro reported.  

Previously it took a few months between the time taxi drivers handed in their old vehicles and the time they received the new ones. Having no car in this period caused financial problems for the drivers.

IKCO’s new plan—called key-to-key—allows the taxi drivers to keep their old cars right until the time they receive a new one.

The plan was officially inaugurated in the presence of Vice-President Mohammad Bagher Nobakht and is in line with plans to help curb air pollution in the capital Tehran.

IKCO has issued a public call so that scrapping centers would join in this group effort on a larger scale. A total of 11,000 dilapidated vehicles have reportedly been scrapped till now.