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Production of Outdated Cars Illegal

Production of Outdated Cars IllegalProduction of Outdated Cars Illegal

The continued production of old car models such as Peugeot 405 and Pride at Iran Khodro Company and SAIPA is illegal.

A guideline for improving the quality of passenger vehicles was passed by the Auto Policymaking Council in 2010.

It stipulated that as of March 2016, the production of local cars produced for over 10 years and foreign cars produced for over seven years in Iran must stop, the local automotive website Car Net reported.

The guideline was notified to IKCO and SAIPA at the time.

“Automakers will have to prepare a product development plan so as to replace these products with newer models,” the guideline said.

Despite this, the bulk of vehicles currently produced by IKCO and SAIPA—Samand and Peugeot to name a few—are outdated and have been produced well over 10 years.

The oldest models, however, are Peugeot 405 and Pride that have been produced for over two decades.

According to previous reports, these two models also hold the record for the most customer complaints.

Although carmakers have sealed new deals with foreign carmakers, they have not made official statements about stopping the production of outdated models.