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4 Pickups Get the Axe

4 Pickups  Get the Axe4 Pickups  Get the Axe

The production of four models of all-wheel-drive pickup cabs manufactured by Iranian companies was halted last month. Iran's large off-road pickup market is staggeringly small compared with many regional markets, as Iranians prefer to use motorcycles off-road as well as quads.   Diar Khodro, Pars Khodro and Morattab Khodro stopped the production lines of some of their products, without explaining the reason for the halt. Pars Khodro, the first manufacturer of sport utility vehicles in Iran, stopped the production of Dongfeng Rich Pickup. Diar Khodro, an automobile company based in Golpayegan—a city near Isfahan, halted the production of two models of GW Wingle, a Chinese-derived four-wheel-drive pickup. One of the most notable models whose production line was shut down is Morattab Khodro's Pazhan. Originally based on the Land Rover Defender, Pazhan has been the main off-road vehicle of choice due to its relativelylow price.  Morattab was not available for comment when Financial Tribune contacted it for details.