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Iranian Solar Car Heading for Kish FTZ

Iranian Solar Car Heading for Kish FTZ  Iranian Solar Car Heading for Kish FTZ

The Persian Gazelle III solar car manufactured by Iranian students at the University of Tehran started a tour from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf to introduce environmentally-friendly technologies across the country.

The construction of the Persian Gazelle III was finished in 2015 after nine months of research and development. This is the third model of the Persian Gazelle that has been designed and manufactured by students from the university's Faculty of Engineering.

Karen Abrinia, director of the Persian Gazelle Design and Manufacturing Center (PGDM), told Mehr News Agency that the four-wheeled, two-seater car has a maximum speed of 130 km/h. He claimed that the Persian Gazelle III is the first two-seater solar car that has been manufactured in the Middle East.

The Persian Gazelle III has begun the tour on July 16, which will last for eight days.

According to Abrinia, the car will cover 2,700 kilometers from Anzali Free Trade Zone in the Caspian Sea to Kish Free Trade Zone in the Persian Gulf.

The car has so far made a stop in Anzali Port, Rasht Port, Qazvin and Tehran. Its next stop is Yazd, which was on Tuesday.

“The tour aims to introduce the environmentally-friendly technologies developed during these years in the PGDM center to our society, including students and other people,” he said.

Members of the team will answer questions and enquiries raised about the Persian Gazelle, as the solar car makes its many stops along the journey.

"The other purpose of this tour is to promote the Persian Gazelle and attract sponsors for future activities," Abrinia added.

Persian Gazelle III participated in the 2015 World Solar Challenge in Australia.