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German Discounts Spur BMW i3 Sales

German Discounts Spur BMW i3 SalesGerman Discounts Spur BMW i3 Sales

BMW has recorded rising sales of the latest version of its electric car, the i3, following Germany’s decision to offer EV subsidies, a weekly German newspaper reported.

Citing company sources, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said orders for the new i3 with a longer range of 300 km compared with the current 190 km, which will begin deliveries from mid-July, had risen "many times over" levels seen following the introduction of the car's initial version in 2013, Reuters reported.

Total orders for the new version had risen to 5,000 worldwide, of which around 1,000 were placed in Germany, ahead of delivery.

"The [buyers'] incentive bonus plays a positive part," the paper quoted a BMW manager as saying.

The automaker was not immediately respond to requests for comment.