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Call for Automotive Coop. With Azerbaijan, Turkey

Call for Automotive Coop. With Azerbaijan, TurkeyCall for Automotive Coop. With Azerbaijan, Turkey

An Iranian carmaker has called for expansion of trilateral ties with Turkish and Azerbaijani carmakers.

In an interview with Trend News Agency, the vice chairman of the board of directors of Iran’s Rakhsh Khodro Diesel Company, Akbar Mirza-Hosseini, said there are several areas for cooperation with Azerbaijani and Turkish carmakers.

According to the official, regional cooperation among the carmakers can benefit all three sides.

Mirza-Hosseini referred to a common area of cooperation between Iranian and Turkish auto-parts makers as the products of Renault, a French multinational automobile manufacturer, are assembled in both Iran and Turkey.

“They can also work together on producing tractors,” he added.

Cars made in France, South Korea, Germany and Japan are supplied in Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey, which creates an excellent opportunity for cooperation between regional carmakers.

The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers said in a report on June 6 that Iran manufactured 884,866 sedans and 97,471 commercial vehicles in 2015.

Iran comprises 0.9% of the total number of cars manufactured in the world, which was 90.78 million.