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Rolls-Royce: UK Better in EU

Rolls-Royce: UK Better in EURolls-Royce: UK Better in EU

The chief executive of Britain’s Rolls-Royce has written to its UK staff to tell them the engineering company is better off in the EU, warning that Brexit could result in some decisions being put on hold. “We have taken the public position that as a company Rolls-Royce believes our customers, suppliers and employees benefit from the UK’s membership of the European Union and that it is in the company’s interests to remain a member,” CEO Warren East said in the letter to the 23,000 staff employed in Britain, Reuters reported. If Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23, Rolls-Royce could put decisions like whether to invest in a new aero-engine testing facility at its Derby plant on hold, East told the BBC in an interview on Wednesday. “We’re making investment decisions all the time about where to place different parts of our operation,” he said. In the letter, East said whatever the outcome, Rolls-Royce would remain committed to the UK.