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Quality Ratings of 32 Vehicles Released

Quality Ratings of 32 Vehicles Released Quality Ratings of 32 Vehicles Released

After much delay, Iran Standards and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI) has released a report on the quality of 32 locally-made cars.

The cars have been classified in five price ranges from the lowest costing under 250 million rials ($7,143) to the highest priced at above 1 billion rials ($28,571), Donya-e-Eqtesad reported. In January, vehicle auditing methods were restructured. From then on, depending on their quality, cars received a rating of one to five stars.

The latest quality rankings place Suzuki Grand Vitara, Kia Cerato, Mazda 3, Renault Sandero, Tondar 90 (L90 or Dacia Logan) and Runna, on top of the list. These vehicles received three stars. All other cars received only one or two stars.

Statistics indicate that more than half of all local cars assessed (56%) obtained a single star, 19% received a two-star rating and 25% of the cars were given three stars.

Since the implementation of the new star-ranking quality assessment system, no local cars have managed to obtain more than three stars.

The new ranking system is reportedly more strict than previous inspection methods, but has been subject to criticism as it leaves out critical information on car quality.

Previously, cars would receive a number rating above or below zero. Vehicles were evaluated based on criteria, such as technicalities, performance, engine malfunction, brakes and electronics. Problems concerning design and assembly were also taken into account as were unusual sounds, water resistance, body work and paint. All these data are excluded in recent reports.