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Kia, Hyundai Open Dealerships in Arvand FTZ

Kia, Hyundai Open Dealerships in Arvand FTZKia, Hyundai Open Dealerships in Arvand FTZ

Two South Korean automakers are opening official dealerships in Iran's southwestern Arvand Free Trade Zone, according to sources familiar with the issue. Arvand Free Trade Zone is spread over 144 square kilometers on the border of Iran's southern Khuzestan province in the Iranian city of Khorramshahr and borders Iraq. The new outlet is believed to be an authorized dealership of the Korean brands and aims to offer sales, servicing and spare parts, Donyaye Khodro reported. Cars sold under the new dealership will be tax-free and all vehicles will receive Arvand FTZ license plates, according to the report. According to the free zone authority, vehicles registered in the free zone area can be driven only in a specified area and are annually only allowed to go across mainland Iran for a month.