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Pakistan Wants Right-Hand Drive Prides

Pakistan Wants Right-Hand Drive PridesPakistan Wants Right-Hand Drive Prides

SAIPA is in talks with troubled Pakistani auto assembler Dewan Farooq Motors Limited to produce right-hand drive versions of its Pride vehicles, according to a new report in the Persian-language Iranian media.

The new version pegged for the market is likely to be SAIPA's 131 model which is a four-door vehicle that sells in the Iranian market for $5,800 for a new model, Donyaye Khodro reported.

Both companies are to discuss the shared costs of development of the low-cost vehicles for those markets where it sees a possible growth in other right-hand drive markets like Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other former British colonies.

Dewan, which used to make Hyundai and KIA cars in Pakistan, has also been in talks with Renault for over a year, Pakistani officials have said recently.

At present, they have shown interest in Iran's cheapest car manufactured in the monopolized market, which pricewise will not be competitive overseas.

The Pakistani used to produce the Pride vehicle under its export name Saba from 2002; it was later called the Kia Classic in the Pakistani market but shipments of the vehicles stopped a few years later, according to Just Auto.

Both SAIPA and Iran Khodro have been in talks with several foreign companies in recent months since the signing of the nuclear deal last November. So far, the companies have only managed to sign production contracts with Chinese companies in Iran and sold their vehicles in markets like Iraq and Azerbaijan.