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Zotye T600 Sport SUV Launched in China

Zotye T600 Sport SUV Launched in ChinaZotye T600 Sport SUV Launched in China

Zotye has released yet another car in the Chinese market—an SUV called the T600 Sport.

The car manufacturer now known in the local market as a joint producer of the S300 sedan produced by SAIPA has released its new and attractive SUV in the Chinese market for a measly 95,800 yuan ($14,500).

T600 Sport is a high-end variant of the Zotye T600 SUV. The vehicle comes with new LED lights, a new grille, a larger bumper, racy air intakes in the said bumper and Sport-only alloys.

The Sport gets a completely new dashboard with loads of tech and pretty buttons. The instrument panel is completely digital (like European rivals), the central screen for the infotainment is gigantic and the center tunnel looks very sleek and slick.

The gear lever has been replaced with a gear selector knob and the materials look top notch. The steering wheel’s design is inspired by Porsche, but looks neat and racy.

The infotainment system has Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife (allows the on-board infotainment system to work with popular Baidu apps in China only), wireless charging for mobile devices, 4G Internet, an in-build WiFi hot spot, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet television, and the normal stuff like telephone, sat nav and vehicle settings.

Will this car make it to the Iranian market? Well, looking at the onslaught of other premium Chinese vehicles in the local market recently, we could expect to see a local assembler build this vehicle within the next 12 months.