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New Dena Model Set to Roll

New Dena Model  Set to RollNew Dena Model  Set to Roll

Iranian automotive websites have released pictures of a new version of Iran Khodro's latest indigenous sedan Dena. The new pictures released on Donyaye Khodro purport to show an upgraded white model with new side panels, slightly modified doors and a new front grill. The rear of the vehicle appears to not have been changed in this first upgrade since its release over a year ago and follows a recent workgroup with European car designers on upgrading the vehicle's design.

Reports state that customers were not happy with the original design of the car, as it closely resembled its predecessor, IKCO's Samand, which has been produced for over 15 years.  There is no evidence that the dashboard has been upgraded either in this iteration of the vehicle. In February, IKCO announced it produced 452,800 cars during the 11-month period up to February 19, including only 15,382 Dena sedans, far lower than other models.