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Ario Ideal for Upgrading Taxi Fleet

Ario Ideal for Upgrading Taxi Fleet Ario Ideal for Upgrading Taxi Fleet

Ario, a Chinese-derived vehicle produced by Iran's second biggest car producer SAIPA, is ideal for use in the country's taxi fleet, said the CEO of National Association of Urban Taxi Management Organizations this week.

Masoud Tabibi, the chief of the group, made the statement while visiting the research and development center of SAIPA, on the outskirts of Tehran.

Tabibi said Ario's size and legroom meet the standards required in a taxi, local automotive news website Persian Khodro reported.

SAIPA's Ario is a sedan originally made by the Chinese carmaker Zotye under the name Z300, which was originally based off the back of the Japan-only Toyota Allion sedan.

"If SAIPA and the association arrive at a strategic agreement, the car can be used in the country's taxi fleet in large numbers," Tabibi said.

The official added that the association has many plans to develop the public transport, including taxis, school buses, tourism transport fleet and ambulances.

"With a strategic agreement, SAIPA could help the association equip its fleet with the needed vehicles for the services mentioned," he said.