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Saipa Announces Saina Price

Saipa Announces Saina PriceSaipa Announces Saina Price

SAIPA, Iran’s second largest carmaker, has announced that interested parties can now purchase their latest small sedan, Saina, on a national e-commerce website called

The car’s price is now officially listed by the carmaker as 268,500,000 rials ($7,770), which is only slighter higher than SAIPA’s Tiba, with which the new car shares much of the same parts as well as vehicle body.

If buyers choose to pay the entire fee upfront, they will receive the car in 30 days, Persian Khodro reported.

The car company is also offering a payment plan as an introductory offer for buyers able to put down 150 million rials ($3,300) as deposit and pay the rest in installments.  This second version from the same platform has repeatedly missed the official release date originally set for winter.

The small car market in Iran remains the most competitive, as several carmakers have entered in recent months to take a slice of the pie. So far, locally produced cars remain strong in this sector due to their relatively competitive pricing.