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Renault Kwid Heading to Brazil

Renault Kwid Heading to BrazilRenault Kwid Heading to Brazil

France's Renault has announced it will start assembling the Kwid hatchback at Ayrton Senna Industrial Complex in Curitiba, Brazil.

The modified Brazilian version of the originally Indian-derived car has been given a makeover for the local market with more rugged looks by Renault Technology Americas, IBT reported.

The Brazilian engineers are believed to have worked on the interior of the low-cost vehicle and added extra body gear to the exterior.

The car's market launch can reportedly be expected at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show in November.

The car is also expected to come to Iran, with Iran Khodro expected to assemble the vehicle in a joint venture with Renault India.

The Kwid would be produced initially like the same model launched last September in India. But a four-door sedan, separate trunk and a 4x4 version of the car could also be manufactured, according to one Renault official in April.

"We have had very advanced discussions with our partners in Iran," Thierry Koskas, commercial director of Renault, said at the time.

The company sold 51,500 cars last year in Iran, mostly Tondar (Logan) models. Renault reached a market share of nearly 5% during the last 12-month period (ending March 19).

The firm says they already have a fleet of 400,000 vehicles plying the streets of the country and aim for 400,000 units in annual sales by 2020.

The Iranian auto market (1.08 million units last year) is expected to double in the next five to 10 years.