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Lexus NX Series Becomes Cheaper

Lexus NX Series Becomes CheaperLexus NX Series Becomes Cheaper

The range of Lexus’ hybrid NX vehicles is getting cheaper, according to a new report from Donyaye Khodro.  That’s right, a foreign imported car has actually declined in the domestic market for the first time in living memory.  The reason for the devaluation is partly due to the Japanese yen depreciating against a basket of currencies, according to the site.  The cheapest NX300h SUV on the market comes in at 2.82 billion rials. The price for the same vehicle currently in showrooms for the same vehicle is 3.02 billion rials, noting a significant saving of 190 million rials or a 6.8% decline in the vehicle’s value.  Following this logic, other Japanese cars are also expected to follow the same trend and fall by over 5% in the coming weeks.