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Iranian Police Cars for Turkmenistan

Iranian Police Cars for TurkmenistanIranian Police Cars for Turkmenistan

Iran's largest auto manufacturer Iran Khodro Company has started the export of police cars to Turkmenistan for increasing its share in the Commonwealth of Independent States market, the deputy head of IKCO for exports and international affairs said. Saeed Tafazzoli added that in line with the implementation of Resistance Economy, one of IKCO’s plans is to increase its car market share in Central Asian and Caucasian countries. Tafazzoli made the statements at a press conference in Turkmenistan to announce the start of car exports to the northern neighbor.  "Based on an agreement between the Turkmen Interior Ministry and IKCO, Iran would supply 200 police cars to the country and export more in case of demand," he said. He said the shipment sent to Turkmenistan on Sunday has been accepted by the country. Tafazzoli noted that 30% of IKCO’s exports have been targeted at Central Asian and Caucasian markets, which are expected to reach 6,000-9,000 cars. Resistance Economy is aimed at reducing reliance on oil revenues by focusing on domestic production and exports.