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Auto Manufacturing Ups and Downs

Auto Manufacturing Ups and Downs Auto Manufacturing Ups and Downs

Latest auto manufacturing reports show car production has risen in some local factories and fallen in others.

In the month ending March 19, production of passenger cars grew by 31.9% at Iran's largest auto manufacturing group, Iran Khodro, compared with the same period of the year before.

During the same period, IKCO made 49,597 units, up from last year's 37,607, ISNA reported.

Production at SAIPA, Iran's second largest carmaker, also grew by 3.3% compared to the year before. Last year, the group manufactured 31,116 units of vehicles while the figure was 32,153 this year.

Rayen Khodro, a sub-brand of Kerman Motors, did not do too well as production declined. Down by 100%, the auto group did not produce any cars, though it had manufactured 155 units the year before.

Similarly, production declined by 100% at Diar Khodro. The company had only produced one car in the previous year, but did not produce any cars at all the year after.  

Production also declined by 43.9% at Kerman Motors. The group produced 1829 units, down from the previous year's 3,261.      

Production grew by 32.6% at Modiran Khodro, producer of Chery in Iran. Last year, the company had made 3,780 units that rose to 5012 units this year.

Other smaller manufacturers like Zagros Khodro, are not included in the previous year's results as they are working with Modiran Khodro to produce their models.

Production declined at Bahman group during the same period. The group produced 511 units, down by 3.6% compared to the previous year's 530.