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Peugeot Unveils 308, 3008

Peugeot Unveils 308, 3008Peugeot Unveils 308, 3008

Peugeot unveiled the new 308 sedan and face-lifted 3008 crossover at the Beijing Motor Show, in conjunction with its local manufacturing partner, Dongfeng.

The 308 sedan will compete in China’s burgeoning C-segment sedan market, alongside Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Escort, and VW Santana. Being based on the 308 hatch, it sits on PSA’s EMP2 platform, like the Citroen C4 et al.

Usually sedans that have been crafted from hatches have very awkward proportions, but Peugeot looks to have avoided this fate with the 308 by using a six-window glasshouse, cleverly placed creases and an extended decklid. A blackout panel, reminiscent of the old, Pininfarina-designed 405, runs across the bootlid.

According the Peugeot Australia’s general manager, Kai Bruesewitz, the models "…clearly demonstrate the commitment of PSA Groupe to reach its targets of 34 new global models by 2021. From a design perspective, the 308 sedan provides a glimpse into the future design direction of Peugeot vehicles, while the 3008 leverages styling cues of previous concept vehicles," Performance Drive reported.

The company exec did not say whether the car will be making it to the Iranian market anytime soon, though with a larger convergence between Dongfeng and local producers most recently with their latest offering of a Dongfeng Crossover, it could also make its way to Iran at a later date. Iran Khodro, the largest carmaker in the country, has stated that it intends to produce a raft of new vehicles in the next four years, which promises a future role for both Peugeot and Dongfeng.