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Peugeot 208 Hatch Sales Stop in Russia

Peugeot 208 Hatch Sales Stop in Russia Peugeot 208 Hatch Sales Stop in Russia

The compact version of the Peugeot 208 is no longer available in the Russian market as of this week, according to a new report from the country.

Peugeot began selling the 208 model in the country in January 2013, selling 1,500 models in the first year, reported. The decision has been mainly linked to a sharp rise in the price of imported cars and the subsequent devaluation of the Russian ruble due to its ongoing dispute with the European Union over the sovereignty of eastern Ukraine.  Since the decline of the Russian currency, the company has concentrated on selling cheaper cars in the Russian market like the Peugeot 108 super-mini.

The 208 had up until recently offered off the sales price to attract Russian buyers at 928,000 RRU ($13,965), according to the company. This failed to attract buyers to the French brand, which compelled Peugeot to call it quits on its bestselling 200-series. Meanwhile, in order to regain its share of the Iranian market, PSA announced recently that it would market the vehicle in Iran.

The French company has not announced whether other variants of the 208 will make it to the Iranian market in the coming years. However, with the expanded range of cars expected to hit the country's roads in the coming year, the two-door Peugeot 208 model may appeal to the youth provided it is reasonably priced.