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VW Axing Beetle

VW Axing  Beetle VW Axing  Beetle

Volkswagen's Beetle may be slated for discontinuation, if a Tweet from a trusted source is to be believed. Autoline recently Tweeted: "Goodbye Beetle. VW to axe its iconic car at end of 2018. Sales are slowing to a trickle and VW needs more CUVs."  It's not clear where the information came from, but it wouldn't be much of a surprise, given the current Beetle's lackluster sales globally.  VW introduced its current Beetle for the 2012 model year, but it has never sold well for the automaker. Through the first three months of 2016, VW has delivered just over 5,700 Beetles in the United States, which represents a 42% decline over the previous year, according to Motor Authority. That drop in sales might be due in part to the discontinuation of the Beetle TDI, a model under investigation as part of the brand's emissions-cheating scandal.  VW first rebooted its Beetle in 1997 as the stylish New Beetle, but the car took on a more enthusiast-oriented personality with its 2012 redesign.