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4th National Car Planned

4th National Car Planned4th National Car Planned

A future fourth national car currently named "X409 Platform" will "rival European competitors" according to Hasem Yekezare, the CEO of Iran Khodro Company, Iran's largest national car producer.  According to the IKCO chief, the new national car will be available by the end of the current Iranian year (started March 20) and compete with foreign rivals that are expected to start Iran operations in 2016.  Yekezare noted that the car will use the "best of Iran's technical knowhow" rather than dealing with international partners, the Persian website Donyaye Khodro writes. The CEO noted that after 15 years, Iran's production capabilities are as good as those of foreign counterparts. He did not mention whether the new fourth car will be another sedan model or an SUV, which IKCO earlier mentioned is in the pipework. Three other cars produced by Iran Khodro include Samand, Dena and Runna, all of which are based on Peugeot chassis and designs.