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Motorcycle Stunt Riding in Kish

Motorcycle Stunt Riding in KishMotorcycle Stunt Riding in Kish

The first motorcycle stunt riding event of 2016 was held on Iran's Persian Gulf island of Kish, marking the first such event held in the free trade zone.

The event called "Top Rider" had over a dozen motorbike stunt riders showing off their skills to crowds of locals and tourists alike in the past couple of days, Mehr News Agency reported.

During the event, activities such as track racing and death-defying jumps were performed by Iranian professional bikers. Bikes used during the event included Kizashi and KTM, to name a few.  

In one scene, a motorbike went head to head with a mock police car evading capture by doing stunts around the mock patrol car.

The event was recorded by video-enabled drones and broadcast on large outdoor screen.

Iran's free zones, especially Kish, are making efforts to broaden their appeal to tourists as part of the latest economic plans laid out by the administration of President Hassan Rouhani.