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Captur Might Be Produced in Yerevan

Captur Might Be Produced in Yerevan
Captur Might Be Produced in Yerevan

Iran Khodro may be getting competition from the Armenian production of Renault's Captur model, according to a report from the northern neighbor.

In a press conference in Moscow on the expansion of models in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Renault showcased the Captur crossover model while hinting at new production lines, including that of Armenia.

It was announced that in case of the Captur model, Renault might establish a small manufacturing production in Armenia in an ERAZ auto-parts factory, reported.

During the Russian event, representatives of Nissan-Renault also hoped for exporting parts and vehicles to the Iranian market.

The company also announced that after the initial trial production of fully-built vehicles in Armenia, the company will work with Iranian representatives.

The unnamed official said, "We also attach great importance to the fact that Armenia is Iran’s neighbor."

The official added that taking into account the "liberalization of Iranian auto market", the company expects to see 30,000 vehicles shipped to Iran. The Captur model, which currently sells for 1.04 billion rials, is already being built by Iran Khodro, Iran's largest car producer.

The vehicle has been on sale since December 2015, but distribution of the vehicle only began in late January, according to reports from the manufacturer.

Financial Tribune contacted Renault Pars for further information on the Armenian link, which was unable to respond due to the Iranian holidays. Captur is based on the Renault Clio production line, with a small 1.2 gasoline engine on offer initially to Iranian buyers.

The raised ride height, being 50 cm from the floor, gives it the look of a micro-SUV. Captur also corners well without much body roll. Its suspension is good at soaking up urban bumps and potholes.

The top speed of the small, energy-saving engine is 191 km/h, according to the manufacturers' UK website.