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SAPCO, IKD Unveil Latest Products

SAPCO, IKD Unveil Latest ProductsSAPCO, IKD Unveil Latest Products

SAPCO and Iran Khodro Diesel displayed their capabilities and unveiled their latest products during the Iran Automotive Capabilities Exhibition held last week    

Iran Khodro’s subsidiary auto parts company, SAPCO, also showcased its supply chain achievements, according to an IKCO press release on Sunday.    

The exhibition held from Feb. 28 to March 2 sought to attract local and foreign investments and establish a new round of international cooperation with prospective partners.

Attracting domestic investment to produce 30 auto parts was among the main goal of the group in the exhibition.

SAPCO plans to produce parts for future IKCO products through fast prototyping process, including a new steering wheel for Peugeot 207, the production of which has just restarted.

It also displayed its latest innovations in various approaches towards research, environment as well as logistics during the exhibition.

SAPCO also held innovative workshops for school and university students, as well as for establishing links between academics and auto experts on the sidelines of the exhibition.  

The workshops were focused on modern technologies in gasoline turbocharged engines and LCV diesel engines, various brake systems, the role of nanotechnology and electronic technologies in the automotive industry.

Like previous exhibitions, SAPCO’s Nanotechnology Center played a key role in this exhibit.

New professional books, articles and magazines in the automotive industry are also on SAPCO’s agenda.

 IKD’s Affiliates Participate

IKD, the industrial arm of the national auto producer, unveiled Mercedes Benz Actros 1844, natural gas consuming bus C1230 and Wagon Hood truck with engine 0457.

These join C1230 and C1836 buses, Axor, Foton, Arena truck compressor, a pickup and ambulance.

Affiliated companies of IKD, including Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company, also participated in the exhibition.

Some of its latest products, set up as part of a new joint operation with Mercedes-Benz, include four types of gasoline engines with Euro 3, EEV5 and Euro 6 emission standards.

The new group is also pegged to produce 904T, 906T, 936 and 457 engines with the German company.

Another company, Charkheshgar, affiliated with IKD, is also involved in producing gearboxes for commercial vehicles and this was announced during the auto expo.

During the exhibition, the company displayed the newest automatic gearboxes of Germany’s ZF, automatic AS Tronic gearboxes for urban transport buses as well as Eco Split 4 gearboxes for buses and trucks.

Based on the agreements reached recently, the localization and export of the mentioned gearboxes will commence soon. Charkheshgar also displayed its latest L90 (Logan) gearbox for the first time at the event.

The import of the gearbox will end in the next two months, as the company is set to begin full production inside Iran–hopefully filling a supply gap problem.

IKD’s after-sales service provider, Govah, was another participant. The company presented its services for transport and firefighting vehicles during the event. All operations of Samand Tarabar Company are carried out by Govah.

Mehvar Khodro Company, affiliated with IKD and involved in supplying engine parts, showcased its gear parts and axels during the exhibition. Mercedes’ new generation of axel is among Mehvar Khodro’s main products.

A collection of steering parts and components was among other items displayed by the company during the exhibition.