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Renault Plans to Upgrade Auto Parts

Renault Plans to Upgrade Auto PartsRenault Plans to Upgrade Auto Parts

In a new development phase, Renault has a special program to train Iranian auto parts makers and partner them in future Renault-Nissan group projects.

According to a company press release, as a first step, Renault will be inviting representatives of local and foreign car parts makers to take part in a conference so that the attendees will be able to brainstorm ideas.

To this end, Renault will be hosting a conference in Paris dedicated to the promotion of Iranian auto parts makers' manufacturing potentials. The event is scheduled for the coming month.

The ultimate goal is to raise the quality of locally-made auto parts up to international standards so that they can be used in cars produced by Renault-Nissan internationally.        

The latest announcements were made on the sidelines of an event organized by Renault—as part of Iran's Automotive Industry's Capabilities Exhibition—that brought together local and foreign auto parts makers.

Along with 60 local auto parts manufacturing firms, 52 foreign representatives also participated in the exhibition.  

Ramtin Esmaeili, chief operations officer at Renault Pars, noted that Renault is a strategic partner in Iran's auto industry.

Iran's major goals for Iran are to attract investment, promote local manufacturing, share knowhow and improve production quality.

"To this end, we hope to create sustainable connections between local and foreign firms active in the field and have special programs for training local auto parts manufacturers," he said.

Detailing the company's long-term goals in Iran, Eric Legrand, Renault's purchasing director for Middle East, said the company plans to increase annual production figures to 130,000 units in 2016.   

"We intend to export and use auto parts produced in Iran for international production. The prerequisite to this is that the quality of parts improve, prices become competitive and delivery becomes prompt," he said.

Renault started operating in Iran in 2003 and has since then maintained a steady position in the domestic market.

The company's three major models in the country have been Tondar 90 (Dacia-Logan), Tondar 90 pickup truck and Renault Sandero.


  Iran to Become Renault's ME Hub

"Iran is going to be a center for building Renault products in the Middle East," said Renault's Chairman for Africa-Middle East-India Region Bernard Cambier.

Speaking in the Third International Auto Industry in Tehran, Cambier said Renault has been working in Iran since 2003 and has cooperated with Iranian carmakers SAIPA and IKCO.

He further said Renault never left the Iranian market even in tough times.

Cambier also said that Iran’s auto market is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years, adding that Renault plans to expand its presence in the country and offer new products.