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Arash AF10 Debut in Geneva

Arash AF10 Debut in GenevaArash AF10 Debut in Geneva

Arash Motor Company, owned by British-Iranian entrepreneur Arash Farboud, has taken its latest model to the International Geneva Motor Show this week.  The car company, previously highlighted in this paper, aims to showcase its Arash AF10 supercar hybrid combo, according to the company's owner.  The AF10 has been pegged as possibly the fastest car in the world with over 2,000 bhp. The engine is run by electric motors and a gasoline engine. Each of the electric motors has an individual output of 295 bhp and 200 foot pounds of torque.  The engine is a V8 Cruciform crankshaft unit with a compact supercharger mounted inside its V-cavity. It produces as much as 900 bhp. This gives the AF10 a huge total output of 2080 bhp, which powers the four-wheel-drive model to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, with a quoted top speed of 200 mph. In a previous interview with the Financial Tribune, Farboud said he intnds to showcase one of his AF10 models in Iranian expos in the near future.  The 86th International Motor Show will be held at the Geneva Palexpo from 3rd to 13th March 2016.