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Iran Khodro (IKCO) Output Data Released

IKCO Output Data ReleasedIKCO Output Data Released

Iran Khodro Company, the country's largest auto manufacturer, has produced 452,800 cars during the 11-month period ending February 19.

With a total of 107,846 units, Peugeot 405 holds the record for the most units produced in this period, local automotive website Persian Khodro reported.

IKCO produced 104,983 units of Peugeot Pars, making it the second most-produced vehicle in the 11 months, which was followed by Peugeot 206 and Samand with 96,830 and 77,218 units respectively.    

At 17,712 units, the company's Tondar 90 (Dacia-Logan) saw an 86% jump compared with the same period of last year when only 9,537 units were manufactured.

At the company's production site in Tabriz, the production of pickup truck known as Arisun picked up and reached 17,456 units during this period.

Other models included Dena (15,382 units), Runna (313,596 units), First Automotive Works' Haima S7 (596 units), Suzuki Grand Vitara (1,147 units).  

IKCO has set a production target of over 2,000 units of cars daily.