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SsangYong Expanding Tivoli Range

SsangYong Expanding Tivoli RangeSsangYong Expanding Tivoli Range

SsangYong will extend its Tivoli crossover range with a longer, more spacious XLV model this summer. Based on the XLV Air concept first revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September last year, SsangYong will show a production-ready version of the car at the Geneva Motor Show. The Tivoli XLV keeps the same 2600 mm wheelbase as the standard Tivoli, but is stretched by 235 mm from the C-pillar back, providing more storage space and room inside. In total, carrying capacity has increased to 720 liters with its rear seats in place—well up from the 423 liters offered by the standard car. The concept will look almost exactly the same as the regular Tivoli, with only minor styling flourishes at the rear end expected to mark the XLV out from its shorter sibling. UK specifications have yet to be confirmed, but we expect the Tivoli XLV to go on sale with almost identical trim levels and options as the regular Tivoli. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but as the regular Tivoli range starts at 860 million rials ($23,500) we would expect the XLV to cost from around 900 million rials and up.