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Lifan 820 for 820m Rials

Lifan 820 for 820m RialsLifan 820 for 820m Rials

At Isfahan's 12th International Exhibition of Automobile Industry this week, the largest Iranian private auto manufacturer, Kerman Motors, started selling its latest model with a special offer.  According to Asre Khodro, Lifan 820 is priced at 820 million rials ($23,500 at market exchange rate). Customers will have to provide a 400-million-rial ($11,500) down payment with a 22% interest rate.  Purchasers ultimately receive a 21-million-rial ($600) discount. The sales started on Wednesday and cars will be delivered in June/July. This is the second time Kerman Motors has repeated a rather peculiar pricing scheme—that is matching the price with the digits in the vehicle model. An older model, Lifan 530, for example, was priced at 530 million rials.  The exhibition opened on February 17 and ends on February 20. It is being held at the international fairground of Isfahan and visiting hours are between 3:00-10:30 p.m.