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New Peugeot Prices Announced

New Peugeot Prices Announced
New Peugeot Prices Announced

The latest prices released for three of the new Peugeot models slated to enter the Iranian market have been announced.

Peugeot 2008 will cost 720 million rial (€18,275 at market exchange rate), Peugeot 208 is priced at 680 million (€17,000) and the price-tag for Peugeot 301 is 580 million (€14,500).

These are slightly more expensive than their European counterparts on paper, automotive website Persian Khodro writes.

The three models, namely the Peugeot 208 small hatchback, 2008 small SUV and 301 sedan models, are expected to arrive in the coming weeks with production lines starting for some of the models as soon as Iran Khodro sets up the production line on the outskirts of Tehran.

The Peugeot 208 model is hotly anticipated to take over from the current 206 model, which has been produced in Iran for over a decade.

During the sanctions period, most Peugeot 206 parts were supplied by Iranian and Chinese automakers and the model is to remain in production for the foreseeable future, considering the price difference with its newer iteration.