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Benelli Motorbikes Roar Into Tehran

Benelli Motorbikes Roar Into Tehran  Benelli Motorbikes Roar Into Tehran

Italian bike maker, Benelli, has roared into the Iranian market by showcasing its latest models at Tehran’s IRIB Conference center in the north of the capital earlier this week. The company is planning to bring several models developed jointly with their Chinese partners Qianjiang Motorcycles. The newly-announced models for the Iranian market include a 150cc, 250cc, 600cc and 1130cc varieties. The largest engine model will be directly imported from the Italian factory in Pesaro, which has exclusive rights to manufacture the high-powered vehicle. The cheapest model comes in at an affordable 70 million rials ($2,000), which is comparable to other recent entrants to the local motorbike market like India’s Bajaj offering. The price of other large engine models respectively are, 90 million and 160 million rials, topping out at 400 million rials for the 1130cc model. Models on display at the IRIB Conference center included police models with attached monikers and lights as well as other offerings from the Chinese-owned company including small scooters for less than 40 million rials.