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Renault Recalls 15,000 Vehicles Over Emissions

Renault Recalls 15,000 Vehicles Over EmissionsRenault Recalls 15,000 Vehicles Over Emissions

Renault has recalled 15,000 diesel-powered cars to update their emissions filters, France's environment minister said on Tuesday, describing the current filters as inadequate in warm weather.

Segolene Royal told RTL radio on Tuesday the French carmaker had agreed to the recall and acknowledged that previous tests, which were not conducted in real driving conditions, were insufficient.

Renault confirmed the recall, saying it involved a small percentage of Renault Captur crossover vehicles and a calibration in the motor for a handful of cars produced before September 2015, when the problem was fixed.

But Royal has said no cheating software has been found on a Renault or on any other vehicle—French or foreign—that has been tested since the discovery of such software in Volkswagens.

She said other manufacturers had unacceptably high emissions, but did not identify them.