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Vehicle Auditing Revamped

Vehicle Auditing RevampedVehicle Auditing Revamped

Vehicle auditing methods have recently been restructured to improve quality and meet the needs of customers, said the head of the vehicles department affiliated to the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade.

“Hopefully, with the new auditing methods, customers will not receive faulty vehicles anymore,” Mehr News Agency quoted Amirhossein Qana’ati as saying.

He explained that the new methods will mainly focus on operational errors rather than visual faults.

“Vehicles with safety issues will be marked with indicators that shall reduce their quality ratings and if any major faults are found with the cars, their production will be halted,” he said.

Also, the cars will receive a “star-rating” depending on their quality and will range from one to five stars accordingly.

The official noted that this method will allow for more convenient comparisons for customers.

Qana’ati also said the opinions of customers are factored in before classifying the vehicles. “We hope that with the new set of standards, car quality will increase and cars delivered to the customers will no longer have major faults. Also, customers can gain a clear understanding of the quality of vehicles produced in different price-ranges.

According to the new ratings for the month ending December 21, 66% of all cars produced have only gotten a single star.

Statistics reveal that 22 models of vehicles received a rating of one star while six models got two stars and six others received a three-star rating. Notably, none of the locally-produced vehicles has received ratings of four or five strs.  

Vehicle auditing methods have recently become stricter in Iran. Previously, cars would receive a number rating above or below zero.