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3m Vehicles Lacking Quality Certificates in Tehran

3m Vehicles Lacking Quality Certificates in Tehran3m Vehicles Lacking Quality Certificates in Tehran

Only 500,000 of the total 3.5 million vehicles plying the streets of Tehran obtained quality inspection certificates last year, said the head of Tehran's Vehicle Quality Inspection Headquarters. Valiollah Azarvash added that regular vehicle inspection helps reduce fuel consumption and air pollution by 12% and 20% respectively, Mehr News Agency reported. He noted that 14 vehicle inspection centers are operating in Tehran and despite the importance of conducting regular checks for reducing hazardous emissions and increasing vehicle safety, several drivers do not pay heed. The central inspection premises in Tehran has nearly 40 lanes for vehicles and 12 lanes for motorcycles, however only 20% of the potential of the center are used, as many cars do not show up for the annual inspections.  This is while in many foreign countries, vehicle owners must undertake quality inspection every three months.