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165,000 Clunkers Scrapped

165,000 Clunkers Scrapped165,000 Clunkers Scrapped

A total of 165,000 clunkers have been taken off the streets up to now, Iran’s Transportation and Fuel Management Headquarters announced.

In the last Iranian fiscal year (ended March 20, 2015), over 310,000 units of clunkers were taken off the streets,IRNA reported.

Additionally, during the first three quarters of the current year, 86,000 heavy-duty clunkers were scrapped.

Experts have said the effect of removing a single heavy-duty dilapidated vehicle off the street in reducing fuel consumption and air pollution and boosting transportation security is several times more thanscrapping a dilapidated passenger car.

The government has extensive plans for renewing the transportation fleet, especially taxis. Tehran's Taxi Union has recently agreed on purchasing SAIPA’s Ario sedan as a replacement for the aging Peugeot 405 and Samand vehicles.

The cars will be sold to local licensed taxi drivers at a special discount rate.