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Russian Truck Maker in Tehran

Russian Truck Maker in TehranRussian Truck Maker in Tehran

Commercial and industrial Russian automaker GAZ Group is taking part in the Iran-Russia Trade and Industrial Expo underway in the Iranian capital. The Russian truck maker is exhibiting trucks and machinery at Tehran's Permanent Fairground.  The automaker is visiting as part of the group of high-profile Russian business delegation looking to gain a market share, as sanctions against Iran come to an end. GAZ vehicles consist of a wide range of light, medium and heavy platforms producing a range of small enclosed vans to ambulances. In the medium duty category, GAZ produces such vehicles as small- to medium-sized buses. In the heavy duty category, GAZ produces a new truck called URAL used by the Russian armed forces and mining sector. The company also produces a range of powertrains and other auto components. The expo will end on Dec. 23.