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Excess Emissions in Mercedes Model

Excess Emissions in Mercedes ModelExcess Emissions in Mercedes Model

German environmental lobby group DUH turned on carmaker Daimler on Wednesday, saying test results had shown nitrogen oxide emissions from one of its Mercedes diesel models far exceeded European legal limits.

Daimler described the results from the Mercedes C-Class 200 CDI model as "questionable",Reuters reports.

Citing tests carried out by the University of Applied Sciences in Bern, Switzerland, DUH told a news conference that the model had released emissions of nitrogen oxides that were more than twice the legal limits when tested under new European testing cycles.

The carmaker took issue with DUH's assertions.

"The test results are questionable, as the conditions of the test are not clear. We don't know the specific car, the temperature at the time of the tests, the loading weight," a Daimler spokesman said.

DUH accused Daimler in September of also rigging emissions data, charges the company denied. The following month it said a model built by General Motors' Opel division had shown excessive emissions of nitrogen oxide, a claim denied by Opel at the time.