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Chinese Cars Break Down More Frequently in Iran

Chinese Cars Break Down More Frequently in IranChinese Cars Break Down More Frequently in Iran

Chinese cars made in Iran need to be repaired twice as much as the same models in China, said the CEO of Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Company. MVM Co. is an Iranian company representing the Chinese brand Chery.

According to Persian Khodro, Xiang Guobingnoted that the auto parts used in Iran and China are all of the same quality.

"It is not economically justifiable for any carmaker to produce car parts of different quality, especially that the number of cars produced in Iran is not larger than the number in other countries," he said.

The CEO noted that "weather conditions" in different regions and the extent to which customers use the cars are the main reasons behind the difference.

"Given the fact that weather changes in all four seasons in Iran, the products targeted for this market must first be tested and modified accordingly before they are offered here," he said.

Xiang added that Chinese cars have lost the popularity they first had in Iran and this is due to the unacceptable after-sales services and shortage of spare parts.

"We plan to introduce new schemes to improve these conditions. One such scheme includes swapping secondhand cars for new ones," he said.