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Volkswagen Bringing Back Camper Van

Volkswagen Bringing Back Camper VanVolkswagen Bringing Back Camper Van

Volkswagen is teasing a new concept for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show that could be a modern take on the VW Camper van/microbus.

Depending on how old you are and where you live, you’ll know the Volkswagen Type 2 by a different name.

Officially Type 2, when it first arrived in 1950 (the Beetle was Type 1), was known as the VW Kombi; in the UK it would be known as VW Camper Van, whereas elsewhere in the world it became VW Microbus and in Iran more often known as an open-door minivan taxi.

But despite signs VW may revive the Camper Van over the years, it appears to be too much of a "People's Car" relic, and not quite the image VW wants. But that could be about to change, according to Cars UK.

Volkswagen may unveil the new model in Las Vegas in the New Year, and although they’re not saying it’s a new Microbus, there’s plenty pointing that way.

The tease photo VW released shows a vehicle that clearly has a bluff front and oversized VW badge–pointers to a new Microbus–and a shape, from what we can see, that looks distinctly boxy. VW also talks about the concept as illustrating the “major changes the car will go through in the coming years”, and that it will offer “affordable long-distance electromobility”.

That seems to point towards a flexible vehicle that can be all things to all people; a boxy space filled with connectivity and all about transporting from place to place, in comfort in a space that’s more like being at home than in a car.