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IKCO in Dushanbe Expo

IKCO in Dushanbe Expo IKCO in Dushanbe Expo

Iran Khodro Company, Iran’s largest auto manufacturing group, is participating in the Sixth Exclusive Exhibition of Iran in Tajikistan. IKCO has presented a range of models, including Dena, Runna, Soren and the pickup Arisan, at the event held in the capital Dushanbe, IKCO Press reported. IKCO Diesel, its heavy-duty vehicle production subsidiary, also unveiled a minibus named Arian and a securitized pickup named Photon mainly used for transferring money. Yuri Popov, Russia’s ambassador to Tajikistan, visited IKCO’s pavilion and said it is very impressive that the company has gone beyond merely assembling cars and is now designing and manufacturing cars.  The exhibition, which opened on Saturday, will continue till Tuesday. Tajikistan is one of IKCO’s main markets and the company’s Samand—used as a taxi—remains one of the most popular vehicles.