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Ukraine Following Iran’s Example

Ukraine Following Iran’s Example
Ukraine Following Iran’s Example

Bogdan-Autotrade, distributor of cars manufactured by JAC and Iran’s SAIPA in Ukraine, will bring another low-cost Chinese car brand to the market–Zotye.

According to the press secretary of Bogdan Corporation, Serhiy Krasulia, the product range, sale plans, prices for cars and other details of the new distribution will be announced during an official presentation on Nov. 19.

Zotye is currently not available in Eastern Europe but is present in the Russian and Iranian markets. Two models of the brand are made at a plant in Tatarstan–a C Class Z300 sedan (known as the S300 in Iran) and a T600 SUV, according to Interfax Ukraine.

Founded in 2003, Zotye produces a wide range of passenger cars and crossovers, as well as electric cars.

SAIPA in recent years has ramped up its overseas operations as considers those as a major area of growth in terms of income generation, especially in view of the downturn in Iranian auto sales market. Ukraine and other ex-Soviet states are a key point of interest for the car producer, as the markets are similar to Iran.

Zotye vehicles have had moderate success in the Iranian market costing around 10-15% more than locally produced small to medium cars.

The Z300 was the first Chinese vehicle SAIPA offered in 2014, however since then it has ramped up production of other vehicles like Besturn B30 luxury sedan. Iran Khodro likewise has begun to sell vehicles originating in China, such as the Haima S7.