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Paper Juke for Anniv.

Paper Juke for Anniv.Paper Juke for Anniv.

Nissan is celebrating five years of the Juke crossover with something other than a bottle of bubbly and birthday cake.

Instead, the Japanese manufacturer decided to adopt the homegrown tradition of origami (derived from the words ‘Oru’ meaning ‘to fold’ and ‘Kami’ meaning ‘paper’) to make a life-sized model of the car, Recombu reported.

The model was built by British paper artist Owen Gildersleeve and is made from 2,000 folded pieces of paper carefully constructed over a period of 200 hours. It features the exact same dimensions as the current Juke.

The Juke–first deliveries of which began in October 2010–is Nissan’s second best-selling model after the Qashqai, which was the world’s first crossover. About 150,000 Jukes have been sold in the UK alone and 700,000 across Europe. “This was a great project to work on–hard work but very rewarding. As a celebration piece it draws on so many influences, such as the origami focus inspired by Nissan’s Japanese roots,” Gildersleeve said.