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IKCO to Resume Production in Syria

IKCO to Resume Production in SyriaIKCO to Resume Production in Syria

Once terrorists groups are pushed out of Syria's key regions, Iran Khodro Company will resume production in the embattled region, the deputy CEO for exports at Iran's largest vehicle manufacturing company said.

Saeed Tafazzoli added that IKCO has now started to reopen its production sites in Syria.

The company recently exported 100 vehicles to Syria and an agreement has been reached between the two countries for setting up a joint production site near Damascus, the second-largest city and the capital of Syria.

Tafazzoli added that the new agreement stipulates that IKCO will stop the production of Samand and instead start producing its more recent models such as Soren, Runna and Dena.

"Once the needed raw materials have been obtained, the company will start by producing 48, 24 and 24 units of Denas, Sorens and Runnas respectively," he said, stressing that this will take effect immediately.

He added that compared to other car models, IKCO is a highly competitive brand in Syria.

IKCO will be exporting 600 vehicles to Syria by the end of the current fiscal year (March 19, 2016).  

The Syrian-Iranian automobile company known as Simaco is IKCO's largest production plant outside Iran. It plans to produce vehicles under the brand "Sham" (meaning Levant in Arabic) in 2011 before the country was attacked by terrorists.     

Tafazzoli added that Lebanon has also showed interest in buying IKCO's products.

"We have recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Lebanon to export 500 units to the country. The models include Dena, Runna, Soren and the pickup Arisun," he said.