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Azim Khodro Leasing Imported Cars

Azim Khodro Leasing Imported CarsAzim Khodro Leasing Imported Cars

Local auto company Azim Khodro has announced that it has begun leasing imported cars. The company has said customers will be able to pay for their 2016 model of choice in 6-12-month installments and will receive the vehicle in minimum 45 and maximum 120 days, local automotive news website Asre Khodro reported. The company will also provide accident and third-party liability insurance for vehicles until the installments have been paid in full. Azim Khodro Brokering Development Company started activity in 2002. As the Association of Iranian Leasing Companies started its activity and this industry was specialized, Azim Khodro became one of the members of the association in 2005. The company is specialized in operational brokerage.  Vehicle rental is a relatively small industry in Iran, with long-term leasing being seen as an expensive option by the majority of people looking to drive a new car.