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Local Car Registration Down

Local Car Registration Down
Local Car Registration Down

During the past two years, the number of locally-made cars applying for license plates has declined, Commander Mousa Amiri of Traffic Police said.

Without specifying the exact percentage of decline, Amiri noted that the same is true for imported vehicles, IRNA reported.

“The reasons for this decline can be traced back to people’s low purchasing power and the economic issues affecting supply and demand,” he added.

Amiri said local carmakers are also to blame for the low demand, as they do not endeavor to satisfy customers’ needs and their efforts have never been directed at improving vehicle quality.

Following the standards set for carmakers by the police department, certain safety measures have been devised for producing local cars.

All heavy and passenger vehicles are now equipped with anti-lock braking systems and airbags. Also, Euro-4 emission standards have been stipulated for all vehicles.