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Qoros SUV Wows Milan

Qoros SUV Wows Milan Qoros SUV Wows Milan

Relatively unknown Chinese car manufacturer Qoros has revealed the mid-sized Qoros 5 SUV in Milan, Italy, and they have mesmerized the audience with their breathtaking designs.

The "5 Crossover" becomes the largest model in Qoros’s lineup, positioned above the "3 Hatch", sedan and small city SUV models. Qoros is keeping the technical and specification details of the 5 SUV under wraps until its public debut at next month’s Guangzhou Motor Show, focusing for now on the new model’s exterior design, Car Advice Australia writes.

“The spirit of independence is the soul of all designs," Qoros executive vice president, Sun Xiaodong, said. “Milan is a center of science and technology, fashion and innovative products. By making the debut of the new Qoros 5 SUV in the design capital of Europe, we hope to demonstrate our unique pursuit for design that matches the spirit of the city."

While there are elements of existing designs in Qoros 5, the car undoubtedly has a unique character, though one still linked to the smaller "3 line" cars. While Qoros has not released images of the interior, spy shots captured last week uncovered a minimalist dashboard with a large central touchscreen.

A turbocharged 115 kW, 1.6-liter and four-cylinder gasoline engine and a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission are tipped to feature under the bonnet, while a 134 kW and 1.8-liter turbo has also been rumored.

Qoros is focused predominantly on selling cars in China, though it is determined to spread throughout Europe and Asia. Currently, its sole European dealership is in Slovakia.

There is currently no representative for Qoros in Iran, but local dealers will snap up this brand given half a chance.